Coworking Reality Check: Boon or Bane


The term co-working refers to the phenomenon of working together with varied professionals engaged in different fields under a single roof. Co-working provides a series of perks to its members. It allows freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs to work independently in an office like environment sans the rules and regulations. However, when too many people sharing the same passion and endeavor to do better in life come under the same roof, it may either promote the capabilities of the individuals or end up being a hangout zone.

This calls for a scrutiny of the co-working places.

The following points may help you to analyze whether a particular co-working place will act as a boon or a bane for you.

1. ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’. You must be aware of this phrase. Well this fits perfectly for the co-working zone. Too many intellectual people may have an adverse effect on your productivity. You tend to gel well with them and get encouraged by their views, try to incorporate all of their ideas within your project ignoring what is actually needed. This may prove fatal at times as you may end up deviating from your goal.

2. Since the co-working places are devoid of any stringent rules and regulations it may turn into a cool hangout place implying less work and more fun. When people have like minded people as peers tend to develop a basic tendency to socialize. As a result they end up devoting more time on chatting and discussing games or matters of common interests which in no way help them to improve on their work. Rather it reduces their productivity and makes them inefficient.

3. People from different profession work together in a co-working space, thus their style and pattern of work vary from each other. For example one may need to make calls every ten minutes while the other may need a peaceful environment to focus. Here, for the latter the working environment becomes too noisy and inappropriate. Therefore before taking the final call, you should consider whether the place will be noisy or distractive for you, otherwise you may end up being frustrated within the first weekend.

4. Co-working places may become unsuitable for you if it lacks the amenities you need. You may have to travel a great distance to reach the place or you don’t find a parking zone nearby. All this decreases the value of the space for you.

Thus whether the co-working places is functional or not largely varies with the requirement. Therefore before joining any co-working zone it’s better to thoroughly analyze the place. Not only the amenities that the place will provide but also the culture of the people who are a part of the place. Depending on this, the place can be either be heaven or a replica of hell for you.

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