Top 5 Coworking Myths


The concept of Co-working space though has been in use from 1995 however in today’s world not all are aware of its meaning and benefits. Often confused with the concept of shared office there are several other myths as well that clouds the actual essence of co-working. Let’s have a look at the current myths that you should be aware of

Myth no.1- The concept of Co-working and shared office space is the same

Co-working is much more than what shared office space refers to. A shared office space could mean a big company with huge working space sometimes renting out their space to smaller companies. On the other hand in a co-working environment, several people not necessarily employed by the same person can work together. Co-working spaces allow people to share their ideas, equipment and enhance their creativity and output.

Myth No. 2- Co-working is not for the big corporations

Contrary to the misconceptions that co-working is suitable only for the freelancers, startup masses and entrepreneurs; large companies can also reap the benefits of co-working. Though initially, the companies refrained from investing on this culture, in recent times however, they have adopted a different view. Co-working will allow you to work independently even if you are associated with a big corporation.

Myth No. 3 – Co-working is most suitable for metro cities

Co-working has nothing to do with the economic status of a city. The metros have been able to predict its benefits and thus included the concept in their culture. However, that doesn’t mean that the smaller cities should stay away from it. In fact the co-working environment will enable the rural and small town business people to upgrade their performance as they will have access to better networking and resources. Thus co-working has the potential to remove the gap between the small and the metro cities.

Myth No. 4 – Co-working environment is messy and noisy

Another misconception that has made its way in is that the co-working spaces are messy and disordered. However, in practicality open business places allows you to absorb a broad range of information since people from different sectors work under the same roof. The space may be a little noisy, however, not to the extent where it causes a hindrance to your work. You may also end up gaining new perspectives for your business. You will also be able to acquire vast information on matters you probably would have remained ignorant if you were not a part of this co-working environment.

Myth No.5 – Collaboration is a must

You are not obligated to collaborate with your peers. It’s just a choice. If you find that teaming up with the fellow co-workers are not adding any value to your business than you can always abstain from doing so.

Thus co-working is not just about sharing the same space for working. It provides you the opportunity to work with a set of people with diverse skill sets thus allowing you to improve your business and add valuable inputs to it.

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