Automatic Writing: All You Need To Know


What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is known as the practice of writing words in a trance kind of a state which originates from a place located outside of the conscious awareness. Spiritualists, as well as Psychologists, tend to have different beliefs regarding the origin of automatic writing, and some also come up with arguments that it is obtained from the unconscious mind, while many others claim that it initiates from the supernatural forces like angels and spirit guides too.

Benefits of Automatic Writing

When one puts in the effort for learning, there are various benefits which come with automatic writing. Listed below are few examples:

  • One can obtain direct guidance from his/ her Soul/Higher Self
  • An individual will have more clarity in his daily life, due to this.
  • Leads to an improved ability for making wise decisions
  • An individual’s intuitive abilities are more developed, sharpened as well as honed.
  • A person can connect with his Spirit Guides and their perspectives also
  • One feels more supported as well as deeply understood
  • Leads to an Improved ability for trusting his/her instincts and intuition

Apart from the above, there are many more advantages like the fact that automatic writing is known as a calming practice which literally and metaphorically opens the mind of an individual.

Process of Automatic Writing

The initial part of the automatic writing process is to first look out for a quiet spot where he can be left undisturbed for a good amount of time. This is a private space in which an individual feel quite safe, calm as well as centered. Once this has been done, he can then start the process of grounding. Grounding is referred to as a very important part of channeling, even if your sole intention to simply access the wisdom of his higher self. Grounding helps in accomplishing two specific things – it increases awareness and attention into the current state and also helps in establishing a connection between the spirit world and the actual world of matter.

Therefore, an individual should sit at a desk, comfortably in a high back chair, with his feet firmly planted on the ground and then start by taking three deep cleansing breaths. You need to draw the breath deep into the belly and then slowly exhale through the mouth. This will lead to the removal of any stress and negativity which will be removed out of the body. Then slowly begin breathing in through the nose and out through the nose and find your own rhythm and pace. Once you feel calm and centred, you need to imagine that roots of a large tree extend from the base of your spine and then flow deep into the center of the earth. One can also imagine more roots flowing right from the base of your feet into the earth’s center as well. You need to spend few moments by holding this visual in your mind’s eye until you feel centred as well as connected.

Tips for Automatic Writing

1) There is no surety that automatic writing will work seamlessly for an individual however, one should not simply give up if it doesn’t work the first initial times. You must give it a chance.

2) One should be well-aware of any psychological dangers. Some messages which may come across may be very disturbing. In case you are unable to handle this, then it is advisable that you should avoid automatic writing.

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