Electronic Voting Machines (EVM): All You Need To Know


What is an Electronic Voting Machines (EVM)?

An Electronic Voting Machine or EVM is an instrument which allows people to cast their votes during elections. An EVM consists of two units – the balloting unit and the control unit, a cable is used to join these parts together.

How it Works?

During an electoral process, the balloting unit remains inside the voting booth for an elector to cast his/her vote. The control unit remains with the polling officer. After the identity verification, the ballot button is pressed by the officer so that you can cast your vote. On the ballot machine, there will be a list of candidate’s symbols and names. Next to each name, there will be a blue button that you have to press depending on who you want to vote for.

These machines do not require electricity as they are powered by 6V alkaline batteries. The battery based operation also protects voters from electric shocks.

The Security of EVMs

To verify your identity, the polling officer will go through your Voter ID card and your name in the electoral rolls. Once this is done, you will be asked to enter the booth and cast your vote. Once you press the blue button, your vote gets recorded. In case the button is pressed multiple times by the same voter, the subsequent votes by that voter will not be recorded.

Only a designated officer can access the results from an EVM machine. There are added security features like CCTV coverage and 24/7 armed police guards.

Unique Features of EVMs –

  1. It takes less time to count votes when compared to the traditional ballot paper method.
  2. The time taken to cast votes is also drastically reduced.
  3. It is an environmentally friendly mechanism as paper usage is reduced.
  4. Up to 64 candidates can be accommodated in a single constituency.
  5. The votes cast can be preserved for up to 10 years.
  6. An EVM allows one vote per person.
  7. Sturdy design, can withstand rough climatic conditions.
  8. It does not require electricity to run.
  9. The programming of the machine can be modified as it works without network connectivity.

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