How to be Successful & Productive in a Coworking Space


A co-working space is an office like setup where people like freelancers who would rather not work from home can go to work. It is a futuristic concept that provides a solution to the growing demand for working spaces for independent workers, freelancers and telecommuters.

The benefits of working at a co-working space instead of working from home are numerous. One of the benefits is that an office like environment is more conducive to working productively. Another benefit is that your focus during work can improve in a co-working space, as the distractions and comforts that your home so generously provides are no longer present. Thus, it is possible for someone who is not working a regular 9 to 5 job to work efficiently and to achieve his or her business goals successfully.

Here are a few tips that will help you to be more productive and achieve your work targets successfully:

1. Location:

When choosing a co-working space, it is important to consider the location. You should consider the transit time from home to work, so that travelling daily is not a hassle. The hustle and bustle of a co-working space in the central part of a city could sometimes be counter-productive. Therefore, it is advisable to find a co-working space that is fairly close to where you live, and is located in a distraction-free area.

2. Collaboration:

The phrase “two heads are better than one”, is true especially in the case of co-working. One major benefit of working in a co-working facility is the opportunity for you to interact and collaborate with a variety of people, with different levels of expertise, in various fields. Most co-working spaces host events with panel discussions that allow its members to discuss their business ideas or concepts; it is from such discussions that partnerships and collaborations develop. Hence, it could be beneficial for you to participate in events like these or initiate interactions with other members in the co-working space.

3. Networking:

For entrepreneurs and freelancers, networking is essential, whether it is meeting investors or clients. A co-working facility can invite affluent investors or influential businessmen/women to speak to the members at an event. This also facilitates networking, wherein you have a chance to seek investments from the guest speakers in order to accelerate your business ventures. For freelancers, this event is an opportunity for you to meet and acquire clients.

4. Avoid distraction:

Music is not only a stress buster, but it can also help you to concentrate on your work and drown out the background noise from working in the open space of a co-working facility. One way to avoid distractions and increase your productivity is by using noise-cancelling headphones. Another benefit of a co-working facility is that you can book a private cabin or a room whenever you have a project that involves complete focus and minimal distraction. This facility gives you an opportunity to work effectively and allows you to concentrate on your task.

5. Set-up your workstation efficiently:

It is important to choose a spot in the co-working space that is both private and free from distractions. You can then personalize your workstation with photo frames of your family or friends and other decorative items to make it feel more like home.

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