Super Mario Run for Android: Relive your Childhood


Nintendo has finally released the long awaited version of the classic game, Super Mario Run, and it is available on Android’s Google Play Store. With stunning graphics, vivid colors as well as brilliant sound effects, the game is well designed and lives up to your expectations. While the original version of the game mostly revolved around jumping over platforms, the Super Mario Run has a few additional components. Not only do you get to collect coins, the coins can also be used to purchase buildings, decorations and various other items.

Here are some exciting new features of the Super Mario Run:

1. Collect the coins to pass:

As opposed to the mainstream versions of the game, in Super Mario Run, you need to collect all the coins in order to pass through to the next level. You can fill up the Coin Rush meter, with the help of some crazy moves and collecting the challenge coins.

2. Free download:

The demo mode is free, which means you can breeze through the entire first level, World Tour to get a feel of the game. This demo allows you to decide whether you want to download the entire version.

Warning: playing the demo version, might leave you wanting to buy the whole game.

3. Face off with a boss instead:

In older versions of the game, the level ends when you grab a flagpole. However, in Super Mario Run, you need to meet and defeat on of the big bosses like Boom Boom or Browser to complete the level. Only after you have defeated the boss, can you progress to the next level.

4. Three Worlds in One:

The latest android version of the Super Mario game, divides the world of Mario into three parts, World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder. The first part, which is the World Tour comes free, you have to pass this level to move on to the Toad Rally and then Kingdom Builder.

5. Single handed controls:

Talk about smooth controls, you can play this game while travelling, with its single-handed controls. In this version of the game, Mario runs automatically, you only need to control the bigger jumps and the larger obstacles with your thumb. The Super Mario Run has been crafted so that you can handle the controls with just one hand.

The best part is that almost anyone with an Android phone can now download Super Mario Run. The game requires your phone to have an Android 4.2 jellybean operating system or above. You require Wi-Fi or data connection in order to play the game. The Super Mario Run will get you hooked with just 24 levels and 6 worlds that are packed with entertainment. Any gamer knows that the key to a Mario game is in mastering every level and the super Mario Run provides you with a chance to do just that!

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