10 Places in India look Exactly like their Foreign Counterparts


1) Instead of going to Malaysia to enjoy cup of Tea at BOH Tea Plantation, Indian must visit their own country’s tea plantation farm in Munnar, Kerala and to find out how tea became a beverage from medicine.

2) There is no need to go to Switzerland to experience the Snow clad Mountains which you can have here at Gulmarg in Kashmir.

3) Indian can visit Mandi in Himachal Pradesh before Planning for the Rolling Green Hills in ScotLand.

4) Before going to Spain to have an experience of Scuba Diving, One should definitely visit the ANDANAM and NICOBAR Iceland of India to experience the Scuba Diving there.

5) You must visit Goa to enjoy on sandy beaches, before you visit the perfect seaside gateway beaches in Brazil.

6) If you are planning to visit Amsterdam to Enjoy the colorful display of Tulips Before that you must visit the Srinagar to see the TULIP Garden.

7) If you are planning to visit Niagara falls, you must visit First Chattisgarh to get drenched at the Chitrakote falls.

8) You must take a heritage walk at kumbhalgarh fort First which is in Rajasthan before you visit the Great Wall of China.

9) You must visit first the Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert before planning to visit the Sahara Desert, The world’s largest desert.

10) You must visit the Great Rann of Kutch, a seasonal salt marsh located in the Thar Desert in the State of Gujarat before you visit the Bonneville salts flats in America.

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