Send & Receive Money via Gmail App on Android


After messages, files, photos and e-greetings, Google now offers you the chance to send and receive money reliably through the Gmail app on your Android phone. This additional new feature works with the help of Google Wallet. The best part is that the service has no additional charges; it is completely free. At present, this feature is available only to Android users in the United States.

Sending money via Gmail is an easy process involving the following steps:

Step 1) Open your Gmail app from your Android phone

Step 2) Tap on the Compose icon located at the bottom right hand corner of your screen

Step 3) As the Compose window appears, tap on the Attach icon

Step 4) Choose Send Money from the drop down menu and tap on Continue

Step 5) Add a Memo (optional)

Step 6) Tap on Attach money, and put in the amount that you would like to send

Step 7) Tap on the Send button

The recipient does not need to install any additional app for receiving the money via Gmail, which makes the process all the more convenient. The person that you send the money to need not necessarily be a user who has a Gmail address.

When it comes to sending a request for money by Gmail, you need to follow the given procedure:

Step 1) Open the Gmail app in your Android phone

Step 2) Tap on the Compose button at the bottom right corner of the screen

Step 3) Tap on the Attach icon and choose Request money from the drop down menu

Step 4) Tap on Continue

Step 5) You can add a Memo stating the cause of request, though this is optional

Step 6) Tap on Attach Money

Step 7) Send the mail by tapping on the Send icon

Claiming money involves the following steps:

Step 1) Go to your Gmail app

Step 2) Open the message which contains the money attachment

Step 3) Tap on the Transfer to Bank option and then Add Debit Card

Step 4) You have to enter your card details

Step 5) Tap on the Claim Money option

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