New Nokia 3310 Why One Should Buy?


Remember the best parts of the old Nokia 3310 – like playing ‘space impact’ or ‘snake’, the extended battery life and the fact that you didn’t even need a phone case to protect it from damage. Now envision the possibility that this Nokia phone is new and improved, with additional features like a camera, a color screen that is bigger in size as well as various other exciting features. The New Nokia 3310 takes you ‘back to the future’ with its launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona by HMD Global Oy on February 2017. Soon expected to be launched in India.

The New Nokia 3310 is definitely bringing retro back, but with an upgrade. And while Android phones may have the upper hand, let nostalgia kick in and give the underdog a chance.

Here are some reasons why the Nokia 3310 is the phone you should buy:

Features of New Nokia 3310:


The Nokia 3310 was an iconic feature phone when it was first launched in the year 2000, and today, 17 years later, at the re-launch, it has become a classic. While the old Nokia phones, with their simple black and white display, did not have cameras, the new Nokia 3310 features a 2 megapixel camera.

The primary camera at the back allows you to take pictures, as well as zoom in and out. It also includes a LED flash to enhance the quality of your shots.

Although it seems surprising, the shots taken from the camera of the Nokia 3310 were compared to that of the Galaxy S7, and the results were astonishing. The comparison revealed that though the 12 MP camera of the Galaxy S7 showed more detail but yet it lacked the brightness, vibrancy and real-life colors that the 2 MP Nokia 3310 provided.


2.Snake 2.0

Who could forget, playing the classic and highly popular game, Snakes on the old Nokia phone. With the re-launch, the Nokia 3310 has upgraded the old version of the game to bring you, Snake 2.0. Using the same software from the old version, it allows you to play the game in bright and vivid colors. The snake now eats apples instead of the simple black dots that it used to earlier. Fans of the game will be especially pleased to know that their favorite game is back!

The company has also announced that a version of the game will also be featured on the facebook messenger application. Gamers out there might be interested to know that Snake is not the only game available on the Nokia 3310; it also offers games like Diamond Twister 2 and Asphalt 6.


One important feature to consider while purchasing any phone is the music player, especially for those who love listening to music on their daily commute to and from work. Though the old handset did not have an audio jack, the new and improved Nokia 3310 offers a 3.5 mm headphone jack along with a music player. This enables you to listen to your favourite music while travelling or even tune into FM radio, for traffic updates or to find out what songs are topping the music charts.

The Nokia 3310 exchanged the old pin charging port for a micro USB port, which is a practical and convenient update. You now have access to 2.5 G internet network connectivity, with a version of Opera mini, which allows you to browse the internet in an efficient manner.

While the old phone did not offer Bluetooth, the new version does, you can now share music and other media through Bluetooth.


A 16MB internal storage space may seem a little small, but the 3310 allows you to has extended storage capacity. It can support up to 32 GB storage capacity via a micro SD card. This enables you to store your pictures, music and videos.

5.Battery life

The most impressive feature of the old Nokia phones was the extended battery life. Now-a-days even with all the advancements in technology and the developments of powerful Android phones, it is hard to find a phone that can provide you with a battery life that extends up to 24 hours. But the battery life of the new Nokia 3310 is amazing, and it can last for almost a month on stand-by mode, without having to be recharged. The 1200mAh battery of the new Nokia handset ensures longevity of usage, offering approximately 22 hours of talk-time, which is highly remarkable.


With this re-launch the Nokia 3310 makes you nostalgic for the times that were more peaceful, when life moved at a slower pace. It also brings back the sturdiest phone body, which eliminates the need for using a protective phone cover. Those who had a Nokia 3310 back in 2000 would surely vouch for the sturdiness of this handset. Today, the new model guarantees the same strength and durability. The screen has a curved edge, while the display measures 2.40 inches, and offers a resolution of 240 by 360 p. This vintage handset is bound to set trends, with its retro-style body which is made from plastic that can withstand, even the most severe damage. It also has a small and compact size that can be carried around conveniently.

In short, though the Nokia 3310 may never live up to the power packed performances of smartphones; it does bring something to the table. It definitely provides a retro, stylish and affordable alternative to the standardized snazzy, ultra-modern Androids that almost everyone owns these days. In addition to this, it is also ideal for all those who are located in areas that require the classic features that this phone provides. Whereas those who are looking for some time-out from the hustle and bustle of the present times, or are in need of a handset that is practical, functional as well as conveniently portable, will find a solution with the new Nokia 3310.

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